DJ/Rupture and Filastine Battle in Shotgun Wedding, Vol. 6

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While breakcore producers–particularly the ones obsessed with distortion and the '90s hardcore rave circuit–often get a bad rep, labels like Violent Turd exist to dispel such hate and showcase the true nature of the genre. Enter DJ/Rupture, one of the most eclectic DJs associated with the 'core, who returns to the label's Shotgun Wedding series.

On Volume Six, Rupture–who kicked off the series back in 2004 with DJ Mutamassik–is joined by newcomer Filastine, and the disc features a 20+ minute mix from each DJ (Filastine’s first ever). Both mixes span breakcore, ghettotech, dub, and whatever other bass-oriented subcategories exist.

On Rupture’s "Secret Google Cheat Codes," violence erupts with tracks from grime-soul staple Jahcoozi, breakcore spokesman Venetian Snares, and Busta Rhymes, amongst others.

Filastine’s mix, "The Mud, The Blood, & The Beer: A Fistfight with the Near East," finds the newcomer mashing up Gypsy rhythms, field recordings from Budapest and Istanbul, and dubbed-out Balkan beatscapes. Add to this the layers of Eastern instrumentation (lots of horns and tom percussion) and looped female vocals, and Filastine may have already reached cult status.

Shotgun Wedding Volume Six is out now on Violent Turd.