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The Leeds producer celebrates his latest EP with an eclectic mix.
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Last month, Leeds producer Bambooman released Feel on Accidental Jnr, the new sub-label of Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records.

The EP follows a string of well-received releases on Sonic Router and Health—Bambooman's own imprint—with four diverse cuts that are a natural fit for Herbert’s eclectic world. From the found-sound ambience of opening cut, "Stargaze," to the title track's warped, feel-good groove and the industrial gallop of "Crushed," it's an EP that manages to stride confidently across styles all the while staying coherent.

As a follow up to the EP, Bambooman has supplied us with a mix as diverse as its EP predecessor. Across its 50 minutes, the UK producer expertly traverses through experimental synth tracks, tripped-out hip-hop, and everything in between.

You can stream and download the mix below.


Bambooman - Stargaze (Accidental)
Crewdson - Saxbell (White)
Dem Hunger - Squint Fucker (Vlek)
Strange U - Aliens In Suits (Par Excellence)
Blank & Kytt - Same Old (Health)
Edan - The Science Of The Two (FT.Insight) (Lewis Recordings)
Wanda Group - V Sunrise (Vlek)
Jangle - Week End (White)
General Strike - Bamboo House Of Dolls (Piano)
Supergod (Lord Rao x Bambooman) - Expecto (White/Health)
SND - Atavisim 16 (Raster- Noton)
Beatrice Dillon & Rupert Clervaux - IX (Snow Dog Records)
Pantytec - Micromission (Perlon)
Golden Teacher (Self Release)
Seven Davis Jr. - Sunday Morning (Ninjatune)
Jakoby - Tonic (Health)
Farben - Swinn Off (Fatiche)
Andy Stott - First Night (Modern Love)