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After announcing the upcoming Ridmik LP and offering a stream of its first single, veteran acid-house DJ/producer Luke Vibert has curated an eclectic mix of tracks ranging anywhere between his beloved iconic sound and old-school hip-hop.

Vibert sets the tone of his dynamic mix with L E O's sluggish and bizarre "Fee Fi Fo Fum," gradually traversing through styles and genres to close out his set with the UK hardcore sounds of "Pre-Dawn Chaos" by Flag. The retro-leaning session also features German icons Kraftwerk, funk legend Andre Cymone in collaboration with Prince, and a Marazanvose remix of Aphex Twin, among plenty of other quality selections. Luke Vibert's multifaceted mix for FACT can be streamed and downloaded below, where its tracklist is also available.

01. Fee Fi Fo Fum – L E O
02. Trans-Europe Express – Kraftwerk
03. Ventolin [Marazanvose Mix] – Aphex Twin
04. The Dance Electric – Andre Cymone & Prince
05. The Sound Of Music – Dayton
06. Spin Time – Trouble Funk
07. Cruel – The Men
08. Seargent Disco – Pierre Dutour
09. Berrios Beats – Carlos Berrios
10. On Our Way To ? – Blancmange
11. Security – The Beat Club
12. Git Loose – Devastator
13. Movement – S.L. Troopers
14. I Am Electro – DHS
15. The Big Showdown – Ghosties
16. Cold House – Blapps Posse
17. Zoooommm – Jeuce
18. Pre-Dawn Chaos – Flag