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April of last year saw Solar Bears release its ambitous sophomore album, Supermigration, via Planet Mu. Now, just over a week into 2014, we're told that the Dublin pair is already at work crafting its third full-length, a process the duo apparently took a brief break from in order to put together a brand-new unconventional mix, which is now available to stream and download for free exclusively on XLR8R.

Incorporating 10 tracks of psychedelic-streaked pop from decades past, flashes of cosmic disco, some deep soul, and even a Death in Vegas track (don't worry, it's not "Days Go By"), Solar Bears' mix covers a lot of sonic territory, and perhaps gives a little insight as to where the duo's head is currently at as it goes to work on the as-yet-unnamed next LP. Solar Bears' American Friend mix can be streamed and downloaded using the player below, where its tracklist is also available.

01 Brigitte Fontaine - Il Pleut
02 Stelvio Cipriani - CIA agent
03 Bruno Nicolai - Magico Incontro
04 Daniele Patucci - Fred Love Theme
05 The Delegations - Oh Honey
06 Goblin - Buio Omega
07 Riz Ortolani - Il Corpo Di Linda
08 Cerrone - La Secte De Marrakech (1ere Partie)
09 Death in Vegas - XXX
10 Nico - My Heart Is Empty