Download an Ethereal Dub-Techno Mix from ANRI

The Chalet resident weaves together one hour of hypnotic bliss.
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Japanese DJ and producer ANRI has been honing her craft since the age of 18 when she moved from her hometown of Yokohama to Tokyo where she quickly became a regular at clubs such as Womb, Ageha, and Air. Following a period living in Melbourne, she now lives in Berlin where she holds a residency at Chalet with her monthly Moshi Moshi Techno Nacht party and is also a resident of the quarterly Tokyo Redlight party at Salon zur Wilden Renate.

When and where was the mix recorded and what was the idea behind it?

I recorded this set at my friend's place, on her CDJ 2000s and with a Pioneer DJM800 mixer. When I make a podcast I always set out to tell a story, I like to weave transitions between light and dark as two opposite sides of beauty.

How did you choose the tracks to include?

I like to go between dub and techno, I am inspired by my favorite artists who have similar taste and artistic concepts.

What gigs have you played recently / are you playing at in the near future?

I played a fashion week after party for a Berlin-based Italian designer, Atelier About. I find the crossover between music and fashion very intriguing; designers are passionate about their work and also identify themselves by their creative output. I also played at a masked ball party during the Venice Carnival which was really interesting. The whole party was filmed for an art-movie, but there was no acting involved, I just played as I always do and had fun with the crowd.


01. Lorn "Oxbow B" (Original Mix)
02. Bjarki "PC Muscles" (Original Mix)
03. Blue Hour "Untitled" (Substance Remix)
04. Peter Van Hoesen "Empire in Decline" (2017 Dub)
05. Killawatt, Ipman "Dark Place" (J:Kenzo Remix)
06. Par Grindvik "Never Give In" (Original Mix) Intoro
07. Rodhad "Im Glanz des Mondes" (Ø [Phase] Remix)
08. Re:Axis "Love in the End" (Original Mix)
09. Hertz "Recreate" (Original Mix)
10. Michel Lauriola "Dry Veins" (Original Mix)
11. Luke Slater "Freek Funk" (Steve Bicknell Lost Mix I)
12. Dax J, Cleric "The Triangle" (Original Mix)
13. Paula Temple "Gegen (I Want To Move)" (Hyenaz Edit)
14. Par Grindvik - "Never Give In" (Original Mix)
15. Nathan Fake, Prurient "DEGREELESSNESS" feat. Prurient (Original Mix)