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Dutch record hub Rush Hour just posted this incredible mix by Lazer Sword cohort and recent Berlin transplant Lando Kal, and it's a bit of a departure from his band's usually blappy sound. This time around, Lando (a.k.a. Antaeus Roy) threads together a set of housier jams from the likes of BNJMN, Cosmin TRG, and more. Check out the tracklist and grab the mix below.

1. BNJMN - Tunnel Flight
2. Aardvarck - Respoken (Nubian Mindz Demo Mix)
3. Falty DL - All In the Place
4. BNJMN - Blocks
Jon Dasilva feat Donald Waugh - Love Is All We Need (Braille Mix)
5. Cosmin TRG - Liebe Suende
6. Aardvarck - Nosestep
7. Policy - Specialty Party (Vox)
8. Cosmin TRG - A Universal Crush
9. Falty DL - Groove
10. Cosmin TRG - See Other People
11. Falty DL - St. Marks
12. Lando Kal - Run It
13. Policy - Lights Over Fort Lee
14. Braille - The Year 3000
15. Lando Kal - Maneuver
16. BNJMN - Plastic World