Dublab Celebrates its 18-Year Anniversary and Announces Move to FM Radio

The popular Los Angeles internet radio station will make the leap to FM later this year.

LA's internet radio station Dublab will make its move to FM later this year.

2017 also marks the 18-year anniversary of the popular station, which runs seven days a week broadcasting the sounds of LA and the wider musical landscape of left-field music—just recently, the station hosted a b2b session from Four Tet, Ben UFO, and Floating Points, for example.

When speaking to LA Weekly, Dublab director Ale Cohen said: "99.1 FM. We have the gear. We're close to confirming the place for the antenna. Later this year, we'll be up and running."

A nonprofit since the mid-2000s, Dublab is currently running a proton drive to keep the broadcast flowing—you can donate here.