Dumb-Unit Celebrates 10 Years

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Jeremy P. Caulfield's Dumb-Unit imprint has been chugging for 10 years, and in celebration, the label owner (pictrured) has collaborated with Exercise One on the 10 Year Tango 12", which also features a collaborative remix with DU artist Elon. A champion of hard-driving, wonky techno sounds from the likes of Jake Fairley, Visionquest, and Butane, among others, the label has carved a niche for itself even in the post-minimal age, releasing hard grooves from a newer generation of producers like Maetrik, Ahmet Sisman, and Cesare vs. Disorder. Check out some videos showcasing the label's history after the jump!

The 10 Year Tango 12" comes out next week on Dumb-Unit.

Pherox - Cobra Sun (DUO55)

From Karaoke to Stardom - Son of Sha ClaCk ClaK (DUO52)

Queen Atom - Refuse Greed (DUO49)

Jeremy P. Caulfield - Wreckroom (DUO22)

Jake Fairley - Nightstick (DUO14)