Estonia's Moonland Festival Adds More Names

Kobosil, Veronica Vasicka, Petre Inspirescu, and more all added.
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Moonland Festival has completed the lineup for its upcoming debut edition with a slew of new names, including Kobosil, Petre Inspirescu, and Veronica Vasicka, all joined a lineup that already features more than 60 DJs and musicians such as Barac, Call Super, Daniel Avery, DVS1, and many others.

Completing the lineup are: 

Bvoice (RU)

Boys Noize (DE)


Kobosil (DE)

Mari Anna Miller (EE)

Martin Aedla (EE)

Mujuice live (RU)

Fok Yee (EE)

Petre Inspirescu (RO)

Sedee (DE)

Susanna Raiend (EE)

Tiga (CA)

Veronica Vasicka (US)

The festival's music program will be held on five indoor and outdoor stages, including a non-stop dancefloor, plus Arma17, System 108, Hall and Mürk organized showcases, representing the local Russian and Estonian scenes. The venue is the historical Rummu quarry and former prison, a Unesco World Heritage Site, not far from Estonia's capital Tallin. The site is said to be "surrounded by lush nature," and is known for hosting Into The Valley 2017. The aim, organizers say, is to "reshape the landscape through an interactive audio-visual experience." 

This year's debut edition takes place from August 3 to 5 in the historical prison walls of Rummu, with the full lineup available below—and tickets available now via XLR8R

Abelle (RU)

Adamov (RU)

Andrey Vishnevsky (EE)

Archie Hamilton (UK)

Artur Lääts (EE)

Barac (RO)

Boris (DE)

Boym (RU)

Boys Noize (DE)

Bvoice (RU)

Call Super (UK)

Charlise n Chaplin (BE)

Christopher Ledger (IT)

Cristi Cons (RO)

Dana Ruh (DE)

Daniel Avery (UK)

Dasha Redkina (UE)

Denis Punch (EE)

DeWalta (DE)

Dorian Paic (DE)


Eisi (EE)

El (RU)

Enzo Siragusa (UK)

Exit Safe Mode (EE)

Fok Yee (EE)

Hipushit (RU)

I-F (NL)

Ion Ludwig LIVE (DE)

Janina (DE)

Juho Kusti (FI)

Kamran Sadeghi LIVE (US)


Katja Adrikova (EE)

Kobosil (DE)

Koray T (TU)

Kovyazin D LIVE (RU)

Legowelt LIVE (NL)

Lipelis (RU)

Maher Daniel (CA)

Majkel (SE)

Mari Anna Miller (EE)

Mariano (AR)

Martin Aedla (EE)

Martin Kling (SE)

Mashkov (RU)

Mava b2b Nebukat (EE)

Merimell (EE)

Mihkel Maripuu b2b Tarmo Paluoja (EE)

Mike Shannon (CA)

Momo Trosman (AR)

Mr. & Mrs. Jonson LIVE (DE)

Mujuice LIVE (RU)

Nastia (UA)

Nikita Zabelin (RU)

Nima Gorji (DK)

Octo Octa (US)

Parallax Deep (SE)

Per Hammar (SE)

Perc (UK)

Petre Inspirescu (RO)

Philipp Gorbachev LIVE (RU)


Regis (UK)

Ron Morelli (FR)

Rossko (UK)

Sariim (RU)

Sedee (DE)

Shaun Reeves (US)

Shutta (RU)

Sleeparchive LIVE (DE)

Sofia Rodina (RU)

Susanna Raiend (EE)

Tanel Mütt (EE)

Taran & Lomov (LV)

Tiga (CA)


Veronica Vasicka (US)

Volition Immanent LIVE (NL)

Yanatacky (EE)