Exclusive: Rioux Unleashes his Formant Mix - XLR8R

Exclusive: Rioux Unleashes his Formant Mix

Rioux is set to release his debut album in the Fall of this year.
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Formant Mix

A favorite on our XLR8R downloads section, the blossoming Detroit-native Rioux has brought some serious attention to both his name and the artist's Human Pitch imprint with his most recent 12" Cold Sweat/Fluid Being. We have become heavily invested in Rioux's ongoing sonic escapades and after getting a taste of his most recent mix, titled "Formant," we jumped at the opportunity to host this worthwhile mix that is teeming with unreleased tracks from the artist.

Concerning this latest mix of his, Rioux had this to say: "Formant is 1/3 unreleased originals from the vault, 1/3 collages/reworks, and 1/3 works by artists pushing boundaries across genres and continents. I wanted to create a mix that moves the body and the mind while traversing a range of moods and juxtaposing seemingly disparate sources. Where one track ends and one begins is all quite ambiguous."

You can stream the mix in full below.

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