Faster, Nu Zau, and Alex Font Next on Acmé

'Mis Hermanos Rumanos Part 2' EP is out now via Acmé.
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Romanians Faster and Nu Zau have contributed to the latest Acmé EP, Mis Hermanos Rumanos Part 2.

Acmé is the label of Alex Font, who named the label project so for two reasons: it sounds good and it comes from the Greek word κμ which means "the highest point you can get." Applying this word to the world of music means the highest point of perfection of a piece of music.

Acmé, with a well-constructed, timeless "modern art" image, only releases on vinyl, limited to just 250 copies.

With the second edition of Mis Hermanos Rumanos (this translates to "My Romanian brothers"), Font has invited Faster and Nu Zau, two leading producers of the new Romanian generation who have "perfectly captured the spirit of the label and lived up to its high expectations," the label explains.


A1. Faster "Channel 1.0"
A2. Alex Font "Cuéntame Cosas Tuyas"
B1. Nu Zau "Return"
B2. Alex Font "Frentes Abiertos"

Mis Hermanos Rumanos Part 2 EP is out now via Acmé, with streams available below.