Fifty Records Launches With D.R.O.'s DRO EP; Stream it Now

The Texas hip-hop artist's debut album is out now.
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Today, just-launched Australian label Fifty Records released Austin-based hip-hop artist D.R.O.'s debut full length, DRO EP.

Although it's titled DRO EP, the release is a full length album, with 10 raw and atmospheric hip-hop tracks written, produced, and mastered by D.R.O. himself. The young Texas artist weaves a deep tapestry of smoky sound design, melancholic samples, and rickety beats, forming a bed on top of which he spits his rolling vocal lines. With full creative control courtesy of Fifty Records, D.R.O. also choose the brilliant artwork, further honing in on his artistic vision.

DRO EP is available now over at the Fifty Records Bandcamp page, with the album also streaming below.