Flying Lotus Takes to Twitter To Tease at Feature Film, 'Kuso'

After his Sundance debut, the L.A. legend calls up Aphex Twin, Thundercat, and more to score his first feature-length.
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In the wake of his debut at the Sundance Film Festival, Los Angeles beat scene legend Flying Lotus (real name Steven Ellison) announced "Kuso," his first full-length film that features a score from a jaw-dropping cast of artists.

So far, Ellison has mentioned Aphex Twin, Thundercat, video game composer Akira Yamaoka, and his own Captain Murphy project by name as contributors. His first directorial endeavor, Royal, was well-recieved at its Sundance NEXT Festival premiere. With branded barf bags, an off-kilter love story plot line, and credits that attribute the film to "Steve"—a cinematic alias of sorts—the film enthralled viewers familiar with Ellison's eccentricities.

"Kuso," which Ellison claims is "65% finished," will add to an already-staggering résumé of producer, multi-instrumentalist, and rapper. Read more below: