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French Fries, Bambounou, and More to Feature on New ClekClekBoom Comp

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The burgeoning record hub run by Parisian house DJ/producer French Fries, ClekClekBoom, has announced plans to release its first label compilation in early April. The two-disc/double-12" offering has been aptly dubbed Paris Club Music Vol. 1, and is said to be "split between exclusive new tracksand a summary of the label's first eight releases." Among the artists contributing never-before-heard tunes to the compilation's first disc are Jean Nipon, Manaré, The Town, and the label boss himself, with handpicked selections from the likes of Bambounou and Chaos in the CBD filling out the second disc. The vinyl version of Paris Club Music Vol. 1 will compile only the exclusive tracks onto two 12"s. Before either version is released in April, you can check out the full tracklist, as well as a few upcoming ClekClekBoom tour dates, below.

CD 1
French Fries “Yo Vogue VIP” (4:56)
Manaré “Riddle” (5:02)
The Town “Dice” (5:41)
Jean Nipon “Coming At You” (5:03)
French Fries “Southside” (6:06)
Coni “Missing You Nire“ (5:44)
Ministre X “Kobe” (6:02)

CD 2
French Fries “Champagne” (4:23)
French Fries “Hugz” ft. Bambounou (6:35)
Coni “Luz In Pool” (8:27)
Ministre X “Callin Me” ft. Sana (Radio Edit) (3:42)
The Town “The Movement” (5:01)
Bambounou “Night” (4:45)
Manaré “Quartz” (6:06)
Chaos In The CBD “Slab” (4:16)

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