Frite Nite Comp to Feature New Tracks From Sepalcure, Salva, Ghosts on Tape, and More

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The San Francisco-based label run by bass aficionado Salva, Frite Nite, has a compilation prepped to drop on October 4, which will feature a load of exclusive tunes from the likes of Distal, Eprom, DJG, Sepalcure, Salva, NastyNasty, Starkey, Ghosts on Tape, and more. Surreal Estate was compiled and mixed by Bay Area DJ/producer Ana Sia, and is touted as a "collection of tribal-influenced, spacey dance grooves, progressive footwork, modern electro-funk, and UK-centric dubstep rhythms." The compilation will arrive as both a mixed and unmixed digital download, an unmixed six-track 12", and a mixed CD. You can check out the album cover and tracklist for Surreal Estate below.

1. Sepalcure - Deep City Insects
2. Comma - Vacancy
3. XI - Whiteout
4. Kuru & UFO! - Aoki
5. DJG - Rites
6. Distal - Mamanimal
7. Starkey & Epcot - Surreal Estate
8. Eprom - Twerkul8
9. B. Bravo & Teeko - Drop It!
10. Quitter - Street Codes
11. NastyNasty - Suffocating
12. Cosmic Revenge - Frostbite
13. Ghosts on Tape - Video Void
14. Salva - Policy
15. S0n!ka - Down Time
16. Danny Corn - Curiophilia
17. Wheez-ie - As I Watch It Unravel