Function Announces Retrospective 12"s and Compilation

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Dave Sumner (a.k.a. Function) has revealed details of a retrospective compilation set to arrive in early 2015. The two-disc collection, entitled Function | Recompiled: Various Works & Pseudonyms, 1995-2012, promises to deliver rare and classic material from the last two decades, with a trio of 12"s lined up for advance release via Sumner's own Infrastructure imprint.

The first installment in that reissue series, VEX/DMO dropped over the summer, and the second—Synewave Reissues Part 1: 1995-97—is out today, highlighting tracks from Sumner's F(Q): Function of Bandwidth and F(C): Function Of A Constant EPs and edited by label partner Ed Davenport (a.k.a. Inland). Recompiled | Extractions will complete the 12" trilogy midway through next month, with previously unreleased and harder-to-find versions of material from Sumner's Sandwell District days. Clips for Synewave Reissues Part I: 1995-­97 have been made available to stream below, and further details of the full retrospective will be announced later this year.

A1. VEX - VEX-1
A2. DMO - Fifteen
B. DMO - Movement

Synewave Reissues Part I: 1995-­97
A1 F3
A2 F4
B Shift F1 (Inland Edit)

Recompiled | Extractions
A1 Isolate
A2 Montage
B1 Immolare (Version)
B2 Descending