Futurepast Welcomes MGUN for Three-Track EP

'The Nerve' EP lands March 6.
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MGUN (a.k.a Manuel Gonzales) is up next on Futurepast with The Nerve. 

We're told that the Detroit artist, real name Manuel Gonzales, offers a fresh take on his roots with three new tracks that escape the usual categories. "No two subsequent bars are identical, simultaneously reflecting and satisfying our curiosity," the label explains. 

Gritty drums and panned-out synth sequences in “The Nerve” result in a suspenseful energizing step. “Snap In," with its funky, reverb-soaked highs and hefty breakbeat, demonstrates MGUN’s talent for folding in his electro and hip-hop influences. “Intent” recalls a dreamy, vintage slideshow projector, misplaced memories lining up in a heartfelt procession.

Belgian artist Davy launched Futurepast last year with his own The Long Now ‎EP as an interpretation of the future inspired by sounds of the past. 


01. The Nerve

02. Snap In

03. Intent 

The Nerve EP lands March 6, with clips below.