Gatekeeper Shares Immersive Virtual World for 'Exo'

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This morning, Brooklyn-based duo Gatekeeper (a.k.a. Aaron David Ross and Matthew Arkell) revealed a "virtual gaming environment" for its recently released album, Exo. We were able to delve into the group's high-tech working conditions in our recent In the Studio feature, but the cyberworld that Gatekeeper created with artist Tabor Robak reveals an entirely different terrain. Judging from a 35-minute playthrough video, this sort of virtual reality—which is said to be "the true way [Exo] should be experienced"—takes users through the galaxy, a hyper-futuristic spaceship, and several different scenes of a post-apocolyptic and strangely lush landscape. You can download and experience the strange trip for yourself, here.