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Brooklyn DJ/producer FaltyDL, the talented tunesmith behind this year's lovely You Stand Uncertain LP for Planet Mu, has unleashed another of his infamous DJ sets (check out his XLR8R podcast here), this time for Little White Earbuds. The mixmaster crafted a gigantic set for the internet, comprised of 27 tracks from artists at the forefronts of house, UK garage, dubstep, juke, and other assorted genres—ranging from Todd Edwards to Addison Groove to Machinedrum to DJ Roc to Radiohead to Zed Bias to C.R.S.T. and well beyond. You can check out the full tracklist for LWE Podcast 83: FaltyDL below, and stream/download the whole thing, as well as check out a lengthy interview with the artist, here.

01. Scuba, “Feel It” [Hotflush Recordings]
02. Todd Edwards, “Show Me A Sign” undefined
03. Todd Edwards, “Every Day” undefined
04. Warrior One, “Lord Of Bashy” (Doc Daneeka 2 Step Militia Remix) [Mixpak Records]
05. FaltyDL, “You Stand Uncertain” [Planet Mu]
06. Piece of Shh, “Diablo Riddim” (Zomby’s Acid) [Svetlana Industries]
07. Gold Panda, “Snow and Taxis” [Ghostly International]
08. Boddika, “Midnight Sun” [white *]
09. Zed Bias, “Music Deep Inside” [Swamp81*]
10. El-B, “Express” [Tempa]
11. C.R.S.T., “Walk On” [Well Rounded Records]
12. C.R.S.T., “Need You” [Well Rounded Records]
13. Ghost, “Lyrical Tempo” [Ghost]
14. Zed Bias, “Raving Bully” [white *]
15. Millie & Andrea, “Ever Since You Came Down” [Daphne]
16. Sicko Cell, “I’m The Information” [white *]
17. Radiohead, “Feral” [Radiohead]
18. Addison Groove, “This Is It” [Tectonic]
19. Kp & Envyi, “Swing My Way” [white]
20. The Bug, “Skeng” (Autechre Remix) [Ninja Tune]
21. Africa HiTech, “Glangslap” [Warp Records]
22. Squarepusher, “My Red Hot Car” [Warp Records]
23. Machinedrum, “TMPL” [LuckyMe*]
24. Spac Hand Luke, “Like A Machine” [Rephlex]
25. DJ Roc, “One Blood” [Planet Mu]
26. Amen Andrews, “Screwface” [Rephlex]
27. Vex’d, “Lion V.I.P.” [Planet Mu]
* denotes tracks which, as of the time of publishing, are unreleased