Ghostly Artists Soundtrack Upcoming Videogame; Hear New Tracks from Shigeto, Matthew Dear, and More

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The Ghostly artist roster has been tapped to soundtrack Hohokum, an upcoming videogame which makes it possible for players to "take on the role of a flying, colorful kite-like being." Naturally, cuts from Shigeto, Tycho, Matthew Dear, and others are included in the collection, which will see a digital and vinyl release in the coming weeks.

Amongst the soundtrack's selections are previously released efforts from regulars of the Ghostly staple such as Tycho, Com Truise, Osborne, and Christopher Willits, whose "Reticent Reminiscence" collaboration with Ryuchi Sakamoto (an innovative Japanese pianist and composer whose recent throat cancer diagnosis has temporarily halted his creative efforts) is included. In addition, new productions from Shigeto, Matthew Dear, Ben Benjamin, Geoff White, and Michna have also been commissioned to soundtrack the upcoming PlayStation game.

Ghostly's full soundtrack for Hohokum can be streamed below, where the full tracklist for the collection's digital release (out on August 12) and vinyl release (our on October 28) can also be found. Those interested in seeing how the music and gameplay are set to interact can check out trailers for Hohokumhere.

Digital Tracklist:
01 Tycho - L
02 Matthew Dear - Pawn In Their Game *
03 Shigeto - Lamp Lighting *
04 Com Truise - Declination (instrumental)
05 KILN - Lux (rpf Rebuild)
06 Willits + Sakamoto - Reticent Reminiscence
07 Tycho - A Walk
08 Michna - Emerald Plateaus *
09 Geoff White - Wedding Party *
10 Osborne - Mount Arvon
11 Ben Benjamin - Air Parsing *
12 Tycho - Coastal Brake
13 KILN - Sunsethighway
14 Heathered Pearls - Raising Our Ashes
15 Michna - The Best Way Out Is Through *
16 Ben Benjamin - Temporary Aztec
17 Tycho - Send and Receive
18. Michna - Increasing Ambition *
19 Jacaszek - As Each Tucked String Tells
20 KILN - Desertkarnival (rua Rebuild)
21 Joel Corelitz - We Run In Tunnels
22 Shigeto - Super Secret End Credits *

Vinyl Tracklist:
01 Tycho - L
02 Matthew Dear - Pawn In Their Game *
03 Osborne - Mount Arvon
04 Geoff White - Wedding Party *
05 Michna - Increasing Ambition *
06 Ben Benjamin - Air Parsing *
07 Shigeto - Lamp Lighting *
* = exclusive to this release