Gidge Announces Upcoming Debut LP for Atomnation

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Swedish duo Gidge (consisting of members Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson) have revealed plans to issue its debut LP this Fall via Applescal's growing Atomnation imprint. Over the course of this year, Gidge has offered two cuts from its upcoming LP via our Downloads section—"I Fell in Love" and "You"—two lush productions that served as an intriguing preview to the pair's upcoming debut full-length, which is described as "a very detailed and emotive album" marked by the presence of "floating melodies, soundscapes, forest-recorded percussion, and pitched vocals."

Said to have been largely influence by the pair's "Nordic surroundings," Gidge's Autumn Bells LP is set to arrive on—conveniently enough—the first day of Autumn, September 23. In the meantime, the forthcoming record's artwork and full tracklist have been included below.

01 Fauna, Pt 1
02 You
03 I Fell In Love
04 Rest
05 Dusk
06 Fauna, Pt 2
07 Huldra
08 Growth
09 Norrland