Goldie Teams Up with James Davidson for Collaborative LP

'Act One – Music For Inanimate Objects' will be released on January 18 via Masterworks.
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Goldie is set to release a collaborative album with engineer and producer James Davidson under the alias Subjective. 

James Davidson, described by Goldie as an “exceptional engineer and an unsung producer in his own right," has previously released via Metalheadz under the alias Ulterior Motive with Greg Hepworth, and also helped produce Goldie’s 2017 The Journey Man LP. This relationship organically progressed on to collaborating in the studio, “following the water as opposed to a strict concept," Goldie explains. 

“This album isn’t just Ulterior Motive and Goldie, it’s a vision of Subjective,” explains James. “It was really exciting to have no boundaries on what we were writing, not restricted by the BPM or anything else. We just went wherever the smiles were.”

We're told to expect one of Goldie’s "most accessible pieces of work to date," and that the album fuses classical, ambient, and electronic elements "with the ingenuity that only a trailblazer as himself could do." It will land on Sony's classical label, Masterworks. 

I’ve always been a fighter with music and gone way ahead of the curve in a lot of respects. I’ve come from an era that’s spanned three decades from the 80’s to now, and I think I’ve always pushed a progressive drum‘n’bass, sound. But this is a refined album, one that you can really fall into, immerse yourself in, or just play in the background—and it still works.” —Goldie


01. Midnight Monsoon   

02. Temple   

03. Find Your Light   

04. Rift Valley   

05. Silent Running   

06. Re-Entry   

07. Waypoint   

08. I Saw Her Last Summer   

09. Stay   

10. Landscape - Portrait   

11. Inkolelo   

12. Find Your Light—Beauty   

Act One – Music For Inanimate Objects will be released on January 18 via Sony's Masterworks.