Goon & Koyote Ready EP

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France-based duo Goon & Koyote are responsible for exporting the French booty-house sound to the rest of the world, most notably with 2005's Diamond Grills mixtape. Further forays into this musical land, where old-school cheese meets new-school charm, will happen at the end of this month, when these two Parisians drop Wellness is Wild.

Set for release on June 30 via Disque Primeur, the release marks the first-ever EP for the duo and includes an exclusive remix from Brooklyn, N.Y.-based DJ Dre Skull of the title track.

01 Keep Dancin'
02 Pussy Out
03 Wellness is Wild
04 Wellness is Wild (Dre Skull Mix)
05 Wellness is Wild (Dikulous' Zulu Mix)