Gut Nose Shares "Visual Mixtape" for 'Filthy City' LP

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Queens-based producer Gut Nose has shared a "visual mixtape" to accompany the first half of his Filthy City LP, the recent Bubblin' Up artist's debut full-length which landed via the Styles Upon Styles label last month. "The video for Filthy City follows an imagined narrative of New York City as an abandoned, haunted wasteland," Preston Spurlock—the visual artist behind the clip—explains. "Though traces of life still remain in the margins, hiding from the specters and wraiths that have since overrun the city's windswept streets," he continues, "humanity has all but vanished. What's left of life appears warped and mutated from years underground amid the darkness and the toxic runoff."

Sourcing footage from "a variety of different media, including flash animation, illustrations, stop-motion, home videos, super 8, 16mm, VHS, scratch-on-film, video synthesizer, and kinescopes," the video collage proves a fitting accompaniment to the grainy textures and freeform electronics which fuel much of Gut Nose's album. Spanning 17 minutes, the "Visual Mixtape" for Filthy City can be watched in its entirety below.