Hear a Track from Ty's Upcoming Album

'A Work Of Heart' LP will land on March 2 via Jazz re:freshed.
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As announced, Ty will return in March with his fifth long-player, A Work Of Heart.

Produced predominantly and written by Ty, the release sees the London-based rapper tackle subject matter ranging from Brixton, depression, poverty, racism, family, hip-hop, and the creative process, to philosophical musings on life and even imagined film soundtracks. It features OG Rootz (formerly Durrty Goodz), Tall Black Guy, Wayne Francis from United Vibrations, and the legendary Umar Bin Hassan from The Last Poets.

We're told that Ty set out to create an album where each beat, sound, and idea was thought-out, then thematically and coherently fused to create what he considers a perfect whole. “I wanted to move away from the hip-hop album approach where a bunch of disparate beats by different producers and different rappers with stock rhymes are strung together,” he explains. "With every guest, every sample, lyric and instrument I thought about whether they suit the themes and mood of the song, then decided what to include accordingly."

"I want to upgrade the view of hip-hop; rappers need to view their artform as important, which is why I have lyrics like "every rhyme written should be in a museum." This music should be treated with importance and a lasting high value," he concludes.


01. WorKINGTro
02. Eyes Open
03. Somehow Somewhere Someway
04. Brixton Baby
05. Work Of Heart
06. Marathon
07. No Place To Run
08. You Gave Me
09. Harpers Revenge
10. Folks Say People Say
11. World Of Flaws
12. Raindrops
13. The Raspberry
14. As The Smoke Clears

In advance of the album's March 2 release, you can stream "The Raspberry" below.