Hear Dntel's Upcoming LP for Leaving/Stones Throw

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Accomplished Los Angeles producer Jimmy Tamborello will release his latest LP as Dntel, Human Voice, next week. Before then, the eight-track effort for Leaving Records/Stones Throw is currently streaming in full. Said to focus on "computerized and disembodied voices, lost somewhere in an ether of circuitry," Tamborello's latest album follows a prolific career that has seen the artist contribute to a number of projects (perhaps most famously, The Postal Service) as well as under a variety of aliases. Still, his work as Dntel seems to stand as his most definitive, and the forthcoming adventurous, melody-striped Human Voice LP appears set to be a welcome addition to the catalog.

Official out on September 23, Dntel's upcoming LP can be streamed in full via Pitchfork Advance. In addition, the SoCal producer recently walked us through the five most essential modular components and FX in his studio rig; that article can be read in full here.