Hear Grasscut Remix of John Metcalfe's "Parsal"

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Andrew Phillipps (a.k.a. "Grasscut") has remixed John Metcalfe's "Parsal," one of the lead tracks on Metcalfe's beautiful The Appearance of Colour album which was released on June 8 via Real World Records. 


"It was a pleasure to work on a remix for John, and I found the rhythmic viola playing in the second half of Parsal particularly inspiring. Remixes are often wonderful journeys of discovery, to try to create something different from, but complementary to the original track. I found myself layering John’s viola though pitch shifters and delays to create rhythmic effects, mixing in moogs, and even singing ‘y drws ar mor’ (a door to the sea) in Welsh, as a tribute to Parsal itself, a place in Gwynedd in mid Wales, where my family is from, and where John spends a lot of time.