Houndstooth to Release New Call Super Album

'Arpo' LP is scheduled for November 10 release.
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Following his acclaimed debut album Suzi Ecto, Call Super is set to return with LP number two, Arpo.

Houndstooth, the label behind the release, describes it as "another mesmerizing environment of restless beauty that refuses to conform to much else beyond his own work."

The LP will be preceded by an Arpo Low, a 7" single, which is available now.

Accompanying the 7" single, 200 out of the Three Hundred Cuts cover art project are up for sale. Three Hundred Cuts is a personal project of Call Super's which consists of 300 drawings. Each 7" is housed in one of the drawings. Exactly half the project can be viewed at callsuper.net. This is strictly one per customer, chosen at random, price includes delivery.


01. Arpo
02. Korals
03. OK Werkmeister
04. Music Stand
05. Any Pill
06. Arpo Sunk
07. Ekko Ink
08. No Wonder We Go Under
09. I Look Like I Look In A Tinfoil Mirror
10. Trokel
11. Out To Rust

Arpo LP is scheduled for November 10 release.