International Feel Celebrates Second Anniversary by Releasing iOS Application

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Uruguayan tastemaker label International Feel is celebrating its two-year anniversary in a unique fashion: by releasing an iOS application. Straightforwardly titled Remiix International Feel, the app draws from Brian Eno's concept of generative music to create an interactive remix experience. Users are able to select and mix quantized basslines, melodies, and rhythms from six International Feel tracks: Hungry Ghost's "Illuminations," Bubble Club's "Goddess," Rocha's "Hands of Love," Locussolus' "Next To You," Coyote's "Moving," and Locussolus' "I Want It." The fully mixable tracks are also complimented by a tweakable studio-grade plate-reverb and a simulated rotating Leslie speaker cabinet. The application is out now; for more information check out the Remiix International Feel's App Store page.