Italians Do It Better to Release 'After Dark 2' on Friday; Download Mirage's Contribution

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Nearly a year after its initial announcement, Mike Simonetti's and Johnny Jewel's Italians Do it Better imprint is finally set to release the follow-up to its seminal 2007 Italo-disco compilation,After Dark, with the series' second volume dropping this Friday. After Dark 2 will feature 16 tracks, including plenty of as-yet-unreleased cuts from the label's intertwined stable of artists which includes Glass Candy, Chromatics, Farah, and others. The forthcoming record's full tracklist and one of Mirage's contributions—the vocoder-heavy "Let's Kiss"—can be streamed/downloaded via the player below. In addition, a must-read screed about the last five years of the Italians Do it Better saga as a "blur of art & parties" can be found on Jewel's SoundCloud.

01 Glass Candy "Warm in the Winter"
02 Mirage "Let’s Kiss"

03 Desire "The Nightshift"
04 Appaloosa "Fill the Blanks"
05 Glass Candy "Pain Relief Is Fun"
06 Chromatics "House of Models"
07 Symmetry "Heart of Darkness"
08 Twisted Wires "Half Lives"
09 Glass Candy "The Possessed"
10 Desire "Tears From Heaven"
11 Chromatics "Johanna"
12 Farah "Into Eternity"
13 Mirage "Lucifer"
14 Glass Candy "Soft Celebration"
15 Chromatics "Looking for Love"
16 Glass Candy "The Price"