Jabu, Planet Mu, Bok Bok, and Ikonika Leave Radar Radio After Harassment and Abuse Allegations

A wave of labels, artists, and producers stand up against the London music station.
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London’s Radar Radio is facing a wave of walkouts in relation to accusations of sexual harassment, abuse, and mistreatment.

Earlier this month, former presenters Pxssy Palace issued a statement via Instagram outlining their issues with the station and reasons for leaving, including "a string of disappointing experiences" which included tokenising "women, feminism, queer and trans culture, and Black and other people of colour, for capitalist purposes whilst making little to no effort to practise intersectionality within their own organisation.”

Radar followed with a short and generic statement on Friday before former show producer Ashtart Al-Hurra released her own blog post titled 'I’m a Woman of Color Who Was Mistreated at Radar Radio – Their Reaction to Pxssy Palace’s Leaving Statement Was Absolute Trash. Here’s Why.' In the piece, Al-Hurra details her experience at the station, including being "sexually harassed, like, fucking tonnes, by dickhead dj dudes" and co-workers spreading rumors that she was sleeping with many people at the station.

With the mounting allegations gaining public traction, many artists, labels, and former producers have cut ties to the station and resigned, including Planet Mu, Ikonika, Jabu, Bok Bok, and many more.

You can find Pxssy Palace's statement below, with Al-Hurra's here.