Jacques Renault Delivers Mix for Gomma

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Jacques Renault has reinvigorated his musical output in 2013, after spending the past two years quietly co-running the Let's Play House imprint. The DJ/producer released his latest single, "Back to You," in January, got remixed by Almost just last Friday, and has opened this week with a new mix for longstanding German house label Gomma. Apparently born out of a few bottles of red wine and a chat with Gomma boss Mr. Munk at a party in Rome, Renault's mix is an hour-long, 15-track offering of Gomma tracks both old and forthcoming. 100% Gomma is streaming in full below, where the tracklist is also available to browse.

1) Leroy Hanghofer - Pin (Jacques Lu Cont Remix)
2) Dimitri From Paris & Los Amigos Invisibles - Glad To Know You (Ray Mang Flying Dub)
3) Capablanca & T. Keeler - No Hay Dub
4) GBs - Lucky In Vichy
5) Severino Horse Meat Disco - Bounce
6) Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33s - Nylon Icon
7) Headman - It Rough (Chicken Lips Remix)
8) Baldelli - Phobos
9) DJ Steef - Venusian Missing
10) The Glimmers - Awake
11) Munk - Keep My Secret (Jacques Renault Remix)
12) Mercury - Man
13) The Barking Dogs feat. Tom Trago - Your High
14) Telonius - Control
15) The Deadstock 33s - Tic Tic Toc