Jeff Mills to Release Score for 'Fantastic Voyage'

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Techno veteran Jeff Mills will continue with his penchant for penning unofficial soundtracks to classic sci-fi flicks when he releases Fantastic Voyage, a 22-track LP based on the 1966 film. On his forthcoming record, the DJ/producer says, "Early on in the production, it became apparent to me that what this film really needed was a sound scheme that is as unorthodox as outer space and as organic as the color palette in the seas and oceans of our planet earth." The double-disc album will drop via Mills' own Axis label next month, but you can check out the artwork and tracklist before then, below. (via Resident Advisor)

01. Introduction - Phase 1-3
02. Into the Body (Inner World)
03. What Could That Be?
04. Brace Yourselves
05. Breaking Through the Inner Wall
06. Drift With the Direction of the Flow
07. The Heart
08. Passing Through the Heart
09. Miracle of the Universe
10. Clearing the Vents
11. Wait Until he Exhales
12. Endangered System
13. Blown Away
14. Light from the Outside World
15. What's That Up Ahead?
16. The Loss of Power
17. Suspicion
18. A Enemy Spy Surfaces
19. Laser Surgery
20. Rushing to the Eye
21. Whirlpool (The Only Way Out)
22. CMDIF - Mission Accomplished