Jerome LOL, Devonwho, Cedaa, and More Remix Kid Smpl on Upcoming Free Collection

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Seattle-based producer and Hush Hush's flagship artist Kid Smpl (pictured above)—who we featured as a Bubblin' Up producer at the start of the year—is set to release a 20-track, two-part remix collection in anticipation of his forthcoming Armour EP, due to drop in July. Featuring a diverse array of remixers—including Jerome LOL, Deebs, Devonwho, Ceeda, and Dream Koala—the collection is entitled Skylight Remixes after Kid Smpl's debut LP from last year, Skylight. The two volumes will be separately made available for free download on the Hush Hush Bandcamp page on May 28 and June 4 respectively; check out the tracklists and artwork for both volumes below.

Volume 1
01 But I Don't (Dream Koala Remix)
02 Left There (Domokos Remix)
03 Guardian (Tay Sean 'Light Bender' Remix)
04 Star Ocean (FmSea Remix)
05 Cura (IG88 Remix)
06 Promise (Placeholder Edit)
07 Static (WD4D Remix)
08 I Think It's Gone (devonwho Remix)
09 Star Ocean (Jerome LOL Remix)
10 It Changed (Fades Remix)


Volume 2
01 I Think It's Gone (DJAO Cover)
02 Escape Pod (Different Sleep Remix)
03 Left There (Keyboard Kid 'Water God' Remix)
04 Guardian (Benito Remix)
05 Static (Futurewife 'Light' Remix)
06 Cura (Deebs Remix)
07 Promise (j.Faraday Remix)
08 Star Ocean (Cedaa Remix)
09 But I Don't (Torus Remix)
10 Guardian (Suttikeeree Remix)