Jisatsu no otōsan Releases Hazy Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Instrumental Album via Heaven Noise Recordings

'Jisatsu no otōsan' is out now.
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Jisatsu no otōsan 800

The enigmatic Jisatsu no otōsan has released a beautiful lo-fi instrumental hip-hop album via Heaven Noise Recordings.

Heaven Noise Recordings is an independent music label based in Portland, Oregon, founded in 2009. Though the artist wishes to keep a low-profile, "this is a standout release," the label explains.

The story behind the release is as follows:

Heaven Noise recently received a scratched CD-R in the mail with the words “Jisatsu no otōsan [DEMO]” hastily written in blue sharpie. Brushing aside an instinct to translate these words, we instead embraced the strange compelling force to listen immediately. As it turned out, this blissfully melancholic collection of lo-fi instrumentals was perfectly capable of translating itself."

Jisatsu no otōsan is out now, with a full stream available below.