K-Swiss Announces Logan Hicks Shoe


It's a shoemaker's dream as K-Swiss, stencil designer Logan Hicks, online magazine Evil Monito, and stencil fabricator Blackbooks Stencils join forces for K-Swiss's latest creation.

Made of faux patent leather with a translucent red mid-sole, the shoe features one of Hicks' signature designs, as well as the classic five stripe bands on the sides long associated with K-Swiss. Each pair of shoes comes with an embroidered felt shoe bag and Logan Hicks shirt. The shoe box itself is also worth holding on to, having been treated with a CO2 laser that stencils the boxes in a way that ensures no two are the same.

If all that sounds worth dropping the $150 bones these babies cost ($170 international), head over to Evil Monito's online store and reserve a pair. Shoes begin shipping in the second week of December, but as these things usually go, supplies are very limited.