Kate Simko to Release Debut Solo Album This May

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Globe-trotting techno artist Kate Simko is only months away from adding her first solo studio album to the long list of various releases she's had a hand in over the past five years. That LP, which is called Lights Out, features 10 tracks from the producer, and will be released in May through Berlin's Hello? Repeat label. Simko says of her debut full-length, "I looked at the album as an art project, an installation of 10 pieces that together form their own unique being," which is also said to include the use of analog equipment like Roland's 505 and 707 drum machines, a Juno 106, and a Poly Evolver synth. You can check out the artwork and tracklist for Lights Out below.

1. Beneath
2. Flight Into BA (feat. Kevin Knapp)
3. Mira Vos
4. Mind On You (feat. Brenda De-Noto Gardner)
5. Monochrome
6. Last Breath
7. Bikini Atoll
8. Cairo
9. Machine’s Mantra
10. Had It All (feat. Dilo)