KiNK Readies Debut Record for Pets

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Bulgarian producer KiNK will deliver his first proper release for Pets (the label headed by Polish duo Catz 'N Dogz) midway through January. As Resident Advisor reports, Strahil Velchev's forthcoming Fantasia single will consist of one original track—"Fantasia"—that features Rachel Row on vocals, plus a remix from LA-based techno producer Truncate and 10 vinyl-only locked grooves. Known for his hardware-heavy live sets, Velchev earned a handful of production credits in 2012 for Row's "Follow the Step" and "L Square" records (also released on Pets), and his debut album Under Destruction dropped earlier this year via Macro.

Fantasia (tracklist and artwork below) is due out on January 12, and in the meantime, video clips for some of "Fantasia"'s locked grooves can be watched here courtesy of the Catz 'N Dogz Instagram.

A1 Fantasia
A2 Fantasia (Truncate Remix)
B1 Leploop Techno 1
B2 Leploop Techno 2
B3 Leploop Techno 3
B4 Leploop Techno 4
B5 Leploop Techno 5
B6 Loop Techno
B7 Loop Fantasia Bass
B8 Under D 1
B9 Under D 3
B10 Under D 4