Kontra-Musik Celebrates 10 Years in Operation With X

Shed, Silent Servant, and more to appear on the compilation.
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To celebrate the 10-year mark, Kontra-Musik label founder Ulf Eriksson has put together a collection of some of the imprint's best cuts. Tracks by Silent Servant, former XLR8R podcast contributor Shed, TM404, and Russian producer Anton Zap are among the ones hand-picked by Eriksson in order to commemorate the occasion.

According to the imprint, the eclectic selection has been intended to portray Kontra-Musik's many facets, stating "being open to a broad variety of sounds and rhythms—judging them not solely by their functionality but rather by their personality—has been the Kontra-Musik way from day one," adding, "we feel the chosen tracks represent the label's musical point of view of variation, substance and charisma."

X will be split into 3 full-lenghts and will be available in both vinyl and digital formats. Hear the compilation's track previews in the player below.


A1 The Durian Brothers - Weggeputscht
A2 TM404 - 202/202/303/303/606
B1 Mokira - Time Track (Silent Servant remix)
B2 Fishermen - Black Haze
C1 Luke Hess - Believe and Receive (Shedsdeepanddubbydub remix)
C2 Frak - 666
D1 Mass Prod - Focaccina (Jus-Ed Soul Stir mix)
D2 Jason Fine - Workin' it out
E1 Jonsson & Alter - Brevet Hem (Instrumental)
E2 Jason Fine - Half (Anton Zap remix)
F Gunnar Jonsson - Massagerutin 1

X will land via Kontra-Musik on March 29, 2016.