Korg Unveils Volca Kick and ARP Odyssey Desktop Module

The Japanese company's new products will be available to purchase in October.
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Korg has unveiled two new products.

First up is the Volca Kick, the latest addition to Korg's affordable synths range: an "analog kick generator that delivers powerful sounds." The one-voice synthesizer will produce punchy, low-frequency percussion and bass, via the same filter system used in the MS-20 synth. As with all the other members of the Volca series, it will run on batteries (or power adapter) and have full connectivity with the other mini-synths.

Korg has also announced the release of a desktop version of its classic ARP Odyssey (first built back in 1972). The compact update will share the same features as the original, but work on a smaller scale.

The Volca Kick and ARP Odyssey Module are expected to be released this October. Check out a video feature on the Volca Kick below.