Kwes. Returns with Songs For Midi

'Songs For Midi' will land on April 6 via Warp.
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Five years after the release of Kwes.’ debut album Ilp, he’s back with a new release, titled Songs For Midi.

Even though his solo release output has been dry since the release of Ilp, it certainly does not mean he hasn’t been busy. He’s been writing, producing and playing with a whole host of artists, including Bobby Womack, NAO, Solange, and Loyle Carner and mixed label mate Kelela’s debut album, Take Me Apart.

The EP marks a desire to get back to making music for himself with a freedom and almost painterly looseness to his sounds and composition, showing a producer just enjoying himself. It's said to demonstrate how he has matured musically in the past half a decade; rather than be influenced by other musicians and producers he takes note from people, places, and instances that surround him.

Songs for Midi, even though mature in its sound, maintains that "consequential childlike element" upon which Kwes. has "built his repertoire," the label says. The EP is an ode to his two-year-old niece, Midi; it’s an opus about childhood discoveries and the excitement a child feels in the ordinary and mundanity of everyday life, an uplifting comment on the effervescence of youth. Midi also designed the cover with a little help from Uncle Kwes.


01. Midori
02. Trike
03. Ungry/Milk
04. 99flake
05. Hometime
06. Blox/Connor

Songs For Midi will land on April 6 via Warp, with "Midori" streaming in full below.