L.I.E.S. Announces Next Batch of 12"s, Kicks Off New Mix Series

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Ever-prolific Brooklyn label L.I.E.S. has already had a strong year, releasing singles from Terekke, Steve Summers, Delroy Edwards, and Florian Kupfer, among others, as well as a full-length from Marcos Cabral (which can be streamed in full, here). And now, the Ron Morelli-headed imprint has just announced its next batch of 12"s, which are set to arrive from a mix of newcomers and previous collaborators. As Juno Plus points out, Miami-based purveyor of skewed house Greg Beato will release the PMA 12", while Chicago producer Beau Wanzer—who has already appeared on L.I.E.S. as one half of Mutant Beat Dance—is due to release a self-titled EP. More familiar L.I.E.S. artists Bookworms and Jahiliyya Fields will also be dropping their own records, entitled Japanese Zelkova and Pleasure Sentence, respectively. No exact release details have been revealed as yet, but the artwork and tracklist for each release can be found below.

Furthermore, L.I.E.S. has inaugurated a brand-new mix series aiming to feature its artists, as well as "selected artists affiliated with the label," the first of which is an hour-plus podcast from New York DJ/producer Gunnar Haslam. As the label puts it, "Here, he provides us with a nice long excursion spanning all your favorite genres, sub-genres, and sub-sub-genres. Expertly mixed, well paced, and, yes, even a couple of nice surprises if you're patient." L.I.E.S. Podcast 001 can be streamed and downloaded for free, below.

Greg Beato PMA
B1. Hawo
B2. Gimme a Light


Beau Wanzer Beau Wanzer
A1. Outside Auto
B1. Two Orders
B2. Balls of Steel


Bookworms Japanese Zelkova
A1. Malfunction
B1. Japanese Zelkova
B2. Materials


Jahiliyya Fields Pleasure Sentence
A1. Aeon Aeon
A2. 2013
B1. Turned on Type
B2. Pleasure Sentence