LA's Proximal Label Premieres New Beat Scene Mixtape

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It's getting to be that calculating the size of SoCal's mass of labels and artists dedicated to the region's beat scene is becoming a task meant for N.A.S.A.'s computer mainframe, but that doesn't mean we've lost interest. Another new label has appeared on our radar, and we'd like to bring you the inaugural taste of what it's all about. The new LA imprint, Proximal, is the brainchild of producers Carl Madison Burgin (a.k.a. Sahy Uhns, pictured above) and Jeff Elmassian, who launched the project to provide a hub for local producers to come together. To let people in on what Proximal is all about, Burgin and Elmassian have curated a forthcoming compilation for their label's first release, entitled Proximity One: Narrative of a City. Featured on the album are artists likes of Wake, Juj, Bear Claw, and label head Sahy Uhns, all of whom are also on this preview mixtape Proximal is now offering for free download. Download Beat Stew Volume 2here, and check out a couple of past mixes here. The full tracklist is below.

1. Say Uhns- "A-Team"
2. Evany- "Marvin in Marvin Out"
3. Benedek- "Cyber Sax"
4. Bear Claw and Sahy Uhns- "Beat w/ Jane"
5. LarryFive- "Blue Goldfish
6. Sahy Uhns- "O.E. for Two"
7. Benedek & Presstones- "Dankster Turtloid"
8. Lawrence Grey & killqvc- "tommytime"
9. Wake- "Babe What"
10. Juj- "Sunday Bouncer"
11. Friendly Stranger- "Nefertitties"
12. Wake- "You"
13. D-Funk- "Get High"
14. Bucc Rogerz- "lyricist4life"
15. Juj & O.- "SELF deTERMINATION"