Lali Puna to Release First Album in Five Years

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Five years after their release of Faking the Books, the German quartet Lali Puna, which features Markus Acher of The Notwist, has readied their fourth album, Our Inventions. The record is a culmination of frontwoman Valerie Trebeljahr and her bandmates crafting soft-spoken, electronic pop together for 10 years, and will see its release on Morr Music come April Fool's Day. In the album's press release, it says, "Our Inventions is a defiantly complete listening experience—one that exudes craftsmanship and captures the band at the peak of their powers as songwriters." Below you can check out Our Inventions' artwork and tracklist.


1. Rest Your Head
2. Remember
3. Everything is Always
4. Our Inventions
5. Move On
6. Safe Tomorrow
7. Future Tense
8. Hostile to Me
9. That Day
10. Out There feat Yukihiro Takahashi