Lawrence Details Return to Mule Musiq

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Lawrence (a.k.a. Peter Kersten) will return Mule Musiq later this fall with a new album. A Day in the Life will be the Hamburg-based deep house producer's sixth full-length to date, following from 2013's Film & Windows for Dial (the label he heads) and earlier works released via Pampa, Ghostly International, and Kompakt. As Resident Advisor reports, the ambient-leaning effort marks 10 years of friendship between Kersten, Mule label chief Toshiya Kawasaki, and artist Stefan Marx, who provides artwork for the album.

RA goes on to quote Kersten's description of A Day in the Life as a "triple buddy record," who adds "The three of us have worked together for ten years. This record shows this very nicely in terms of our love for ambient music and cover artwork. The cover shows Stefan's sublet apartment in New York, [which is] also a very ambient place. The idea for the record emerged out of a sudden inspiration and this fits perfect to the way Toshiya runs a label, where sharing a good natural wine is more important than marketing."

A Day in the Life is due out on November 24 as a vinyl, CD, and digital release, and the LP's tracklist is on view below.

A1 Horses
A2 A Day In The Life
A3 Lucy, Lucy
A4 Nowhere Is A Place
A5 Marlen
A6 Fainting
B1 Simmer
B2 The Visit
B3 Dreams Are Dead
B4 Blue Mountain
B5 Bonheur
B6 Lost In Joy