Lemonade Announces Official Follow-Up to Debut Album

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San Francisco expatriates and Brooklyn residents, the sun-loving trio Lemonade, are set to expand on their ecstasy-fueled, tropically rhythmic dance jams with the release of a new EP March 9 on True Panther. The five-track release, entitled Pure Moods (let's all hope now against a copyright suit), comes a couple years after their self-titled debut which encapsulated Lemonade's love for rave culture and international polyrhythms. A quick listen to Pure Moods, which plays more like a 30-minute mini-album than a usual EP, shows the band digging deeper into upbeat melodies, dubby basslines, and a whole hell of a lot of calypso music. More info and the EP's artwork is below.

1. Banana Republic
2. Lifted
3. Underwater Sonics
4. Remain in Jah
5. Sunsplash