Leyland Kirby to Release New Album as The Stranger via Modern Love

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Enigmatic musician Leyland Kirby has released a string of unsettling and brilliant records over the past 15 years, most famously under his The Caretaker alias and as one half of V/Vm. Now, the producer is set to drop the first release in five years from his lesser-known moniker, The Stranger. Kirby's music as The Stranger has typically adopted a starker, more sinister approach than his other aliases, and seems set to stay the same if his new LP's first single "Where Are Our Monsters Now, Where Are Our Friends?" is anything to go by. Watching Dead Empires in Decay will be released on October 28 via Modern Love, but before then, a video for the aforementioned single can be viewed in the player below, where the album's artwork and tracklist can also be found. (via Juno Plus)

1. We Are Enemies But Not Here
2. So Pale It Shone In The Night
3. Spiral Of Decline
4. We Scarcely See Sunlight
5. Providence or Fate
6. Where Are Our Monsters Now, Where Are Our Friends?
7. Grey Day Drift
8. Ill Fares The Land
9. About To Enter A Strange New Period