Listen to A Guy Called Gerald's Three-Part, 150-Plus Minute Mix

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Electronic music pioneer and UK mainstay Gerald Simpson (a.k.a. A Guy Called Gerald) presumably needs no introduction. Simpson has made a large impact on multiple facets of dance music throughout his career, beginning with acid house (where he enjoyed a role in the 808 State trio), jungle and drum & bass, and then back to techno and house. We saw a glimpse of this most recent transition as part of his MUTEK podcast for XLR8R last year, and yesterday the producer unveiled a sprawling new, three-volume mix. Entitled After the After Selection for its first two parts, and simply The After Selection for its third, Simpson crafts a truly after-hours mix, beginning mid-stream and primarily focusing on deep house but gradually weaving more acid, jack, and electro cuts into the fold as the set rolls on. The three-part effort was stealthily uploaded to Simpson's SoundCloud, and is available to stream as seperate volumes one, two, and three. (via FACT)