Listen to a Mix of Classic Warp Material from The Black Dog

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If there's one thing about electronic-music institution Warp that will never change, it's the importance and staying power of its back catalog. Much of the label's early discography came to define the sound of forward-thinking electronic music in the '90s, not to mention influence an enormous amount of music which followed both soon and long after it was released. UK trio The Black Dog was one of Warp's earliest signees, releasing its Bytes LP back in '93, so we'd be hard pressed to think of anyone better to deliver a mix that is essentially a primer of classic Warp. Though The Black Dog has recently reinstated itself as an active member of the electronic-music community both in its native Sheffield and at large, the outfit will likely be best remembered for its earliest material—something which could be said for most of the artists featured on Fact Mix 380. Tunes from the likes of Autechre, LFO, Move D, Phoenecia, and Tricky Disco—many of which have been edited by The Black Dog—appear throughout this 40-minute DJ set, alongside more recent productions by the trio of mixmasters themselves. "We've always been in two minds about doing this," the veteran artists explain, "because as much as we like the past we love the future more. However, these are a few of our private edits of early bleep and bass tracks we made for our own pleasure." The mix can be streamed and downloaded via the player below, where the full tracklist can also be found.

1. Autechre – Eutow – Warp
2. Forgemasters – Track With No Name
3. The Black Dog – Bleep One
4. LFO – Push – Warp – Dust Science
5. Phoenecia – Y-Intercpnkt – Warp
6. Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco
7. Move D – Rain Shine – Warp
8. Sympletic – Ace Space _ Warp
9. The Black Dog – Bleep Four – Dust Science
10. Sweet Exorcist – Testonetwothree – Warp
11. LFO – Tied Up – Warp