Listen to Braiden's Live DJ Set From Sonar

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London-based mix-master and RinseFM cohort Braiden was one of many wonderful DJs and producers to grace the stages at last week's Sonar festival, and apparently, he proverbially killed it. If you're like the rest of us North American dwellers who couldn't get out to Barcelona, you're probably wishing you could catch a bit of the magic. Thankfully, Red Bull Music Academy was there with recording gear in hand. Braiden's DJ set was captured in its hour-long entirety, and subsequently made available for streaming through RBMA Radio. It's a tastefully eclectic dance mix that rarely stays in one place for too long, though it still allows each track its due time, and never sounds overwrought with turntable trickery or unnecessary flair. While we couldn't enjoy the mix live amongst the sweaty throngs of Sonar, at least we can close our eyes and listen in hopes of transporting ourselves to the time and place it all went down. The mix player is embedded below. (via FACT)